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Frames Pieces

Gumnut Yarns does not supply magazines, project kits or finished products. Some magazine back copies and kits to complete projects are available through the publishers or selected Needlework and Craft shops. Our threads needed to complete projects are available through our stockists.


No. 91

This beautiful dogwood design is by Marg Light. Worked in Gumnut Yarns fine wool 'DAISIES' on linen twill, this graceful garland illustrates each phase of growth from the opening bud to the formation of the richly coloured seed pods. Perfect as a framed piece, this delightful design would also make a superb cushion or a wonderful motif for a blanket or throw. .

No. 84

'This wonderful raised embroidery designed by Jan Kerton explores each element of the dandelion plant..... to create lifelike leaves, flowers and seed heads. Threads used mostly are Gumnut Yarns silk/wool 'POPPIES' and stranded silk 'STARS'.

No. 82

'Step into this whimsical garden designed and stitched by Taetia McEwen using Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS' and perlé silk 'BUDS'.

No. 78

The popular climbing plant - the clematis, known for it's elegant purple/blue flowers is the subject of Alison Cole's design. The main threads used for this stumpwork embroidery are Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS'.

Image reproduced courtesy of Country Bumpkin

No. 76

'The superb fairy-wren, or blue wren as it is more commonly known, is the subject of this superb lifelike study' by Bev Tully.

'A cosy nest has two hungry chicks, their tiny beaks open in anticipation of the coming meal' from their parents. Stitched onto linen blend fabric, the main threads used are Gumnuts Yarns stranded silk 'STARS' and perlé silk 'BUDS'.

Image reproduced courtesy of Bev Tully



March 2017

'In the spirit of the Elephant Festival held in Jaipur, India each March, Taetia McEwen has created this embroidery. Stitched with Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS' it resembles the intricacies of Mehndi skin designs traditionally worked on the hands of Indian women.




Vol. 23 No. 11

'This magnificent embroidery designed and stitched by Jennifer Bennett showcases her talent with needle and thread and her love of flora.' Threads used include Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS' and silk/wool 'POPPIES'.


Vol. 23 No. 3

This butterfly girl by Taetia McEwen is stitched in the loveliest of pinks and blues, with just a touch of butterfly glitter. Threads used include Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS'.

Vol. 23 No. 2

Jenny Bennett has revamped her popular kingfisher design by adding Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS' and perlé silk 'BUDS'.

Vol. 23 No. 1

'This frog's lunch is ready to go! This cheeky frog designed and stitched by Taetia McEwen' uses Gumnut Yarns stranded silk 'STARS'.

Images reproduced courtesy of Express Publications     


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